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Plastic Wasteland Ch.1 (Part 2)
I kept having the false hope that I would never see him again.
As I ran down the hall with my best friend Is (short for Isabella) I noticed that the suited men were everywhere.
We sat down in the class, breathless. I saw another one of the men sitting back by the computers. His eyes were on me. I felt my whole body trembling.
Who are you people? Please. Go away.
I knew they were bad. I was freaking out. My hands were shaking. I looked at Is in a panic. She put her hand over mine, which was covered by my sleeve.
"Calm down Alex. It's gonna be okay. Tell me what happened?"
My voice was a hushed whisper, so quite that I barely knew I spoke.
"The suited men are watching me."
"Hun, they are watching all of us."
"He knew my name Is. He knew my name. How the hell did he know me?"
"I would say you're being paranoid, but they give off a bad vibe...I agree that something's up."
At this moment, my boyfriend walked in.
"Blue Jay!" Is nearly screamed.
I spun around to see him. We called h
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Plastic Wasteland Ch.1 (Part 1)
I looked plain.
I looked boring.
I looked normal.
I looked fake.

I just stared in the mirror for who knows how long. Flashbacks were coming and going.  I was so used to seeing them that I knew them like the back of my hand.  I realize now that everything I have been saying may be confusing.
Should I tell you about what happened? It might scare you, the whole idea of it. It's disgusting how people could be like least to those with creativity.
I was just sitting in school one day, homeroom, first class of every day. The back of the classroom as usual. Me and my friend were having one of our fun but unusual conversations. It was something totally random, a what if kind of conversation.
Our teacher walked into the classroom. A man also followed her in. He was scanning his eyes over the room. Everyone noticed him. He was creepy looking. He wore dark grey, pinstriped pants. His shirt was white, not a hair, smudge, or even wrinkle in it. He wore a silver-ish tie to top i
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Plastic Wasteland Prologue
I woke up. A bright light in my face.
And no, it wasn't the sun. It was a lamp, a giant-ass lamp shining in my window. I pulled down a white cloth curtain to cover the bright and artificial light.
I opened my closet, what to wear today?
Maybe I should wear my BVB shirt. With Jake, Andy, Jinxx, CC, and Ashley all in a big circle around the logo. Yeah, that paired with some acid-wash grey skinny lace-up boots. I'll put on a fishnet glove, but the other hand will be a lace one. I'll repaint my nails black, I'll straighten my hair so my bangs will cover one eye, I'll put one some eyeliner to finish it up. I'll look beautiful in it. I'll be pretty. I'll be me.
I wish I could...
but things have changed since a few months ago.
I grabbed a white shirt out of the closet, the blue denim jeans, the black flats. I walked to my mirror on the other wall.
My hair had been too "unique" so they made me part it in a straight line down the middle. It looked awful if it was down
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I love...
I love the way you walk
with purpose and grace.
I love the way you talk
with a smile on your face.
I love the way you look at me,
your eyes shining bright.
I love the way you guide me,
through darkness into light.
I love the way you hold my hand
and show me were to go,
when you write my name in the sand,
and you voice that's deep and low.
I love the texts I get at night,
before I fall asleep.
Telling me to sleep tight
and to to have dreams so sweet.
I love your hugs.
The way you hold me close,
makes me feel like I'm on drugs.
Our faces nose to nose.
I love the way you kiss me.
Gentle, sweet, and long.
Sitting under that shady tree,
Together where we belong.
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The Runaway Soldier Ch.12
I wonder if she goes to my school...I really hope so.
*Lia's POV*
We watched her run away. I looked up at Andy. He was still watching her to make sure she left with her mom safely. His blue eyes were very concentrated, and his lips were pursed slightly.
He is so damn beautiful. It's not fair.
It was complicated. I admired Andy. He was my role model, the man I looked up to...but at the same time I was jealous of him. He was so perfect. Almost too perfect.
He looked down at me suddenly. I looked away quickly. I really hope he hadn't noticed me staring at him.
"You ready to go eat?"
I looked back up at him, "Can we just get some burgers and go down to the stadium?"
He looked surprised. "This place has a stadium?"
I nodded. "It's brand new, they just built it this year. It's also right next to the water, so it's really pretty."
He smiled. "Let's go then."
We loaded up into the car and drove to find the nearest Burger King.
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My Perfect Music
I listen to music to help me when I am down, to make me feel happy, to comfort me.
But his voice is more than that.
I would give up music for the rest of my life to talk to him.
Music can take a whole song to make me feel a certain way. He can say one word and make me feel more.
His voice is my perfect music.
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Lia Raye
United States
Hello! Thank you for visiting my page!

I am 14 years old, and in 8th grade. I LOVE Black Veil Brides, Blood on the Dance Floor, Nirvana, Hole, AC/DC, and i know there are more bands and artists out there for me to discover. ^^

some random crap to know about me
:bulletred: I play 3 instruments. Guitar, Violin, Piano
:bulletblack: I want to learn 3 other languages. Chinese, French, Japanese
:bulletpurple: I like anime :D
:bulletblack: I am a major fangirl 030
:bulletred: I love skittles!!!! :bulletred::bulletorange::bulletyellow::bulletgreen::bulletpurple: TASTE THE FREAKIN' RAINBOW! :dummy:
:bulletpurple: Make fun of me all you want for the music I listen to, but if you dare say a thing about the band members I will personally hit you with a unicycle & hide your body where no one will find it, kay? :meow:
:bulletred: Taken :heart:

I know I can be pretty mean sometimes, but I mean it all in good fun. =P So if you take offense to anything I say please let me know because it was not my intention. :)

I love cute & cuddly things ^^ as well as creepy macabre stuff.

I'm working on becoming in a band. I want it to be an all girl's band & there is already a name.

is the other person working on the band with me :D

Negative Nancy
Hey everyone who actually cared

I went and died for however long I was gone...
I am making a whole new account though...


^there's the name
I am just tired of this account, I'll post a link to it here soon though, when it's set up




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